The iconic Cadbury glass and half end device has had a revamp and is brought to life by a leading light in the world of food photography.  JAM had the pleasure working with Charlie Stebbings and Dom Seymour at Rogue Films on this beautifully executed live action shoot for the iconic end pour sequence.  Working closely with Charlie and Dom meant we previsualised how the elements would sit together before heading into production. 

"We were able to illustrate our intention from the very beginning by compositing our elements for review pre-shoot.  The collaboration continued on-set and by compositing various tests to assess the lighting and angles while shooting.  Close Agency and client collaboration enabled us to leave set with selects made for final compositing and meet a tight deadline without delay.  Supplying a bespoke service to clients, Charlie is able to offer a unique branding opportunity; giving a budget conscious; start to finish; pitch to finalised online, collaborative solution to clients.  A fresh approach to end device lock-ups and seamless product inserts across the board from food to cars" Dom Seymour - Rogue Films


Production co: Rogue Films

Director: Charlie Stebbings

Producer: Dom Seymour

Agency: VCCP

Creative directors:  Chris Birch & Jonny Parker

Agency producer: Carly Parris

VFX sup/lead - Mark Robinson